Michelle Obama is an ordinary woman on an extraordinary journey she claims in her aptly titled book. An easy read, becoming is largely endearing bringing out empathy and smiles as the ex-FLOTUS herself takes us on a journey through her life. She is the quintessential woman, one we find everywhere in the world who prioritises… Read More Becoming

Your Royal Bookness!

Named after a book, that literally is a tome of wisdom, books have always meant a lot to me. Reading one, writing one, writing in one, holding one, decorating one, drawing in one they have always been a part of my life. Belle of Beauty and the Beast has been my favorite disney princess, not… Read More Your Royal Bookness!

Sparkly two, 32!

Flash them all as they say let the pearlies save the day bringing the clan in the fray leaving not even one astray   the wisdom of all in the neigh comes with time and the grey not to touch upon all the play and he options to clearly weigh   there are no blacks… Read More Sparkly two, 32!