Around the world in 25 Haikus

Presenting to you all very happily a splendid Haiku (or so) in the 5-7-5 new-age format of my top 25 countries. This is again a no-picture post, coz am hoping the haiku poems will whip up a lovely feel for you. If you have happened to travel to the following countries then give me a … Continue reading Around the world in 25 Haikus

Good feels, feels good!

Its a jolly day of soirees one of squeaky noises as with perfect choices and wonderful voices   a day of firm reckoning adulthood past beckoning the future keenly forgiving all the known misgivings   the loves very defining many a sublime lining knowing all the finding thats are chiefly beguiling   life's a bountiful … Continue reading Good feels, feels good!