About Time.

A delightful British movie, the story is as delicious as the accent. As Gleeson and Mc Adams live out a sweet romantic story, the wonderfully aspirational idea of time travel is explored. Am sure we have all at a given point of time wished we could go back in time and do one small thing … Continue reading About Time.

Nile-hopping and some wise-ness!

The River Nile flows from South to North, from Sudan to Egypt with great tranquility and peace that it would be very hard to ever imagine it’s flooding! However with the changes of time, and perhaps geography, we know for sure that the landmasses in terms of continents are constantly shifting even if extremely slowly. … Continue reading Nile-hopping and some wise-ness!

Crusty Cairo!

    Steeped in tradition and blessed in bounty, Egypt's capital city has the Gods smiling down at it with wonderful sunshine, the blue-est of blue skies, golden sandstone, a mile-wide perennial river, bountiful produce, alarmingly friendly people and a history that would even humble the Gods. With the great Sahara desert only just a … Continue reading Crusty Cairo!