The wonder of the past in the tumultuous future A shimmer of golden in ripples thatĀ embolden There is no last in the tents of nature And in earth laden drizzled with laughter Is the urge to fast glorious and furious In spite of the blast and all the slaughter Leaving some aghast and others... Continue Reading →

Pure Water Temple

Kiyomizudera or the Pure Water Temple in Kyoto looks out to impressive views and brings forward the love of water manifested in architecture. Built with solid wooden logs in a visibly complex structure the temple is reached from the highest level and then descend downwards. The water collected on the roof of the temple is... Continue Reading →

Shintoism in Nara!

  UNESCO sites and World Heritage towns have a certain air about them that call for a completely divine experience and when coupled with one of the older religions in the world the effect is sublime. Nara located in the Kansai region of Japan is one such place. The small town of Nara attracts a... Continue Reading →

FLW in Japan

American architects have a great love for the Japanese sensitivity to design and architecture in general. Or let me rephrase, architects have a great respect for the Japanese sense of building and quite rightly so. From the mid-80s architects have thronged to Japan to study Tokyo and in general visit the country that is magnificently... Continue Reading →

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