New York, New York!

Fifteen years and a dozen world capitals later I’d still say New York is the greatest city ever, an adjective attributed to it mainly because of the sheer energy the city holds forth and displays! Its energy, enthusiasm and dynamism is what makes it very beautiful and charming. While my love for the city does…… Continue reading New York, New York!

The Phantom of the Opera!

Broadway off Time Square is every bit of the glitzy entertainment estate it is said to be, and while experiencing the every changing and buzzing with energy square is an experience like no other, so is watching a broadway musical off Times Square. As the bestie and I went got our tickets at the TKTS,…… Continue reading The Phantom of the Opera!

The Met!!

The Met is undoubtedly the greatest museum in New York, not for it’s architecture (which reservedly is the Louvre), but because of its sheer volume of art, the diversity and the unbelievable magnitude of its collection. While I first read and imagined the museum through Donna Tart’s novel The Goldfinch, my first and later subsequent…… Continue reading The Met!!

Natural wonders: Niagara

If there are only two things that you could see in the United States, then make sure those two things are the glorious city of New York and the natural falls of Niagara said one, and he couldn’t have been more right than ever. In the state of New York the Niagara falls offer a…… Continue reading Natural wonders: Niagara

One, world trade centre

Scaling a height of 1776 feet – the One, World Trade Centre, one of the buildings built around the WTC Memorial is a majestic sight in itself. Built to command a height in feet that commemorates the year of American Independence, the tower is also titled the Freedom tower. Though we first visited the tower…… Continue reading One, world trade centre

In and over, Vancouver!

Taking the environment extremely seriously the Canadians have a flair for life. Nature, for one is a treasured asset, and being very sensitive to the natural surrounds comes quite naturally for them Vancouverites too! The architecture of glass and steel is lodged with wood, materials that lend a stylish character to the city. Sparkly clean…… Continue reading In and over, Vancouver!

A Wabi-sabi line

The impermance of things causes many a wince For forever we wonder before we duly surrender As we break our bread for the beauty of dining   Engaging wholly the dread instead of simply whining Many things done and said in time for all the shining In our eulogy to the dead may we not forget…… Continue reading A Wabi-sabi line