50 shades of taupe!

    Nimbly wedging within the city’s famed natural rock formation, the Trident Hotel in Hyderabad is much of an architectural delight. The architect’s at C&T Bengaluru made sure that the heritage rock falling within the precincts of the site was kept intact as a strategic design move right from the very beginning.   The…… Continue reading 50 shades of taupe!

Its a man’s world and a woman’s universe!

Or so we would like to believe. This aint a feminist post, blasting away at how superior women are, but more like a blast away on how indispensable both men and women are! Though I do subscribe to the hackneyed notion that women make better care-givers and are natural nurturers, life, of this age demands a lot more from…… Continue reading Its a man’s world and a woman’s universe!


Poetry is a form of art, ever-so delightful and ever-so philosophical, but when it is used as embellishment on a sari it certainly charms! On a Gauri Khan creation for Satya Paul. With spring round the corner, the breezy tropical feel rendered is rather refreshing. The northern hemisphere of the blue planet is heating up, and here’s a…… Continue reading Po(ar)try

Vedasri Siddamsetty’s invitation is awaiting your response

Vedasri Siddamsetty would like to connect on LinkedIn. How would you like to respond? Vedasri Siddamsetty Executive Architect at Form and Space Confirm you know Vedasri You received an invitation to connect. LinkedIn will use your email address to make suggestions to our members in features like People You May Know. Unsubscribe If you need…… Continue reading Vedasri Siddamsetty’s invitation is awaiting your response