Design in India

When celebrated artist Rajeev Sethi announced his presentation consisting of 625 slides the crowd remained unfazed. Documenting his journey as a scenographer, art curator and artist over a career spanning various disciplines, over 4-decades, the Padma Bhushan awardee shared not just his artistic accomplishments but also his take on modern day politics. From the humble … Continue reading Design in India

A whiff of Paris!

Tucked away in the busy alley of Jubilee Hills, off the buzzing Road no 36 is a little bakery, nestled in a large compound that looks like it is largely inspired by little birds. What with all the minuscule detailing and use of softwood in the decor. Of all the delightful offerings stocked here I … Continue reading A whiff of Paris!

Project Focus #1: Featherlite Retail Store

If space is a canvas, one on which life enfolds, then retail spaces are a prima donna kind of canvas. A space where the product on display is the star, where space itself then takes a back-seat, mostly illuminating the goods while other times iterating as a showcase. The design of the Featherlite showroom tries … Continue reading Project Focus #1: Featherlite Retail Store