TBT Stop 7: Colombo

Colombo is the capital city of Sri Lanka and the city where Bawa practised architecture. His house, office and the paradise cafe are must visit places for the Bawa-fans, those who do the Bawa trail like a pilgrimage. Residence no 11 on the 33rd lane was Bawa's residence and office at one point of time, … Continue reading TBT Stop 7: Colombo

TBT Stop 6: Lunuganga

The estate at Lunuganaga remained Bawa's muse for all his life soon after he bought it. Awe-struck and in love with the Italian gardens on his travels to Europe he decided to build his own Italian garden when he returned after years of study to be a barrister. He bought a cinnamon and rubber plantation … Continue reading TBT Stop 6: Lunuganga

TBT Stop 5: Bentota

The Bentota Beach hotel along the sea in Bentota was one of Bawa's earliest projects commissioned by the Sri Lankan government. The young architect then took inspiration from traditional Sri Lankan architecture with the pitched roofs, a central courtyard, the frangi-pani tree, stepped in facade volumes and tropical verandahs. Facing the western coastline of Sri … Continue reading TBT Stop 5: Bentota