Ban Ban Ban Mei

In some dialects of China, Ban Mei would translate 'to do something beautiful'. Shigeru Ban, is the second Japanese architect to be lauded the most prestigious prize in architecture, the Pritzker and the seventh from the island nation. Japanese architects have always stunned with their simplistic designs and their uncanny ability of material knowledge, use … Continue reading Ban Ban Ban Mei

Equal Measure

Marking the spring equinox Daylight tips the dark in half As a boat in torrid waters rocks the egg stands upright in hoax One of the miracles of life is seeing things in black or white Where lines are not blurred and distinctions are concurred An illusion of a rightful balance comes with a series … Continue reading Equal Measure

Staying Happy and Going Lucky!

Ah! Its happiness when Google answers your question with your own blog! And despite the passage of time, I’d still say the same 🙂

vedasri siddamsetty

There is something about happy people that always brings a smile on our faces. The smile is of joy if you are a favorable person or of contempt if cynicism runs in your veins. But by far its really a boon for one to stay happy-go lucky.

So in the rat race of the world where every achievement counts and every move matters how does one lighten up?

Well tough moments come in every one’s life and these are things to do to  stay happy and go lucky in times of both, calm waters and stormy weathers.

1. Breathe! Its the simplest and the foremost thing on the list. Its amazing what a couple of deep exhalations can do.

2. Assume that everyone has good intentions. Now this is really hard at times but it does work out well. Like when a bad stare happens or bad-mouthing happen, its impossible…

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