The PinSofa by Demeter Fogarasi It's a cute rendition of a couch inspired by a pin-cushion. .

Vegan intentions!

So what exactly is it like to be vegan. Vegetarian is obviously not eating animals or rather not eating meat! To go from a carnivore to a herbivore is considered rather an overwhelming challenge, but going from a vegetarian to a vegan is considered to be relatively easy. In spite of the minor tweak in... Continue Reading →

The Happiness Project!

The color of happiness is yellow. Undoubtedly. From sunflowers of Van Gogh, to the warmth of sunshine, from Wordsworth's Daffodils to the indian spice of turmeric. Its all yellow. Yes, for Coldplay too. So it is but for natural that the #100happydays project's site is soaked in yellow. A very interesting idea that prods you... Continue Reading →

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