A winter romance!

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram-Leela is probably going to be getting a lot of flak on its story, for its portrayal of Shakespeare’s hopelessly romantic, Romeo and Juliet. Much to Bhansali’s credit R&J is not mostly about a brilliant story but it’s about love, that is mostly mindless and arbitrary. Ram-Leelas biggest strength much like Romeo…… Continue reading A winter romance!

Living with a French woman

When you actually live with someone is when you truly know them. I am assuming some wise soul said that cause it sounds familiar. So what better way to knowing the fairer sex of the French Nation than to actually living with one. And while I gathered my wits on doing all the knowing I realized a lot…… Continue reading Living with a French woman


Right in the middle of Europe is a country so nice That is hardly ever does believe in fights But when the neutral arm does pick up a gun Its hardly because of a reason of fun Historically they stopped and stood and waited But when the time came they were unabated Even as David…… Continue reading Belgium!