(Finding) the Lost Continent …. 1

The second biggest continent and the home to a plethora of the land-based flora and fauna, Africa is sure a tough nut to crack. We started the game hunt (figuratively ofcourse!) in Kenya, at precisely the Masai Mara. Tales from this knowingly lost continent are ever so mesmerizing as they are heart-wrenching. Nature at its... Continue Reading →


The butterfly parks and gardens are ever so delightful. The Lil colorful creatures offer a visual panorama ever so lovely. And housing them within the airport complex makes the transit ever so delightful. Don't miss if you are ever flying -by Changi. A few snapshots from the mini-butterfly park in the Changi Airport. <;;a href="http://vedasri.files

Missing in Action!

The last few weeks have really been a blur. What with the graduation, the moving house(!) and a trip to the wild. Whilst life happened the blog scene got a tad duller! Right so as we get on with the routines heres to some pieces of action. In a bid of change am going to... Continue Reading →

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