The Snob Diet

One of my earlier posts, on food, is surprisingly the most accessed according to the stats. Interesting! Umm so now I'd like to share the only diet I truly believe in - the snob diet! Well all you gotta do is make sure you eat real good food. Stuff that makes you drool. Everything works! … Continue reading The Snob Diet

A day in JKT town!

Surprise visits to new shores are always a welcome respite. Last week I had the opportunity to do a short and sweet trip to Indonesia's capital city Jakarta. In the 30 hours I had, I managed to cover quite a bit of the city. The old Dutch Port, the bustling CBD, the Indonesia theme park, … Continue reading A day in JKT town!

Architectural escapades #2: Boardwalk to Sentosa

A bridge is quite a noble endeavor of all architectural works, it is extremely functional in context and is almost mystifying. From the  Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco to the Bandra-Worli sea link in Mumbai they cover a spectrum of types and uses. Closer home more humble in construct is the Sentosa Boardwalk that … Continue reading Architectural escapades #2: Boardwalk to Sentosa