San Francisco International Terminal 2

Designed by Gensler Architects, the terminal 2 of the San Francisco International Airport is charming. Its dazzling, sustainable and so pretty. The soft lines and the extensive natural light impress.

My Top Ten in Architecture

Of all the built structures in the world, there are a few favorites. This post is to do with all those that make it in my list. 10. The British Museum - The Genius of Foster. 9. The Sydney Opera House - The first building that I opted to write an essay on. The sails... Continue Reading →

December time

Under dim lights of hazy sights hands entwined two souls lined   Rain pelts forth it does not stop hollow wind gnaws an bites with might   Its cold and bitter under misty nights but under it all is a charming knight   Speaking of cheer and banishing fear bringing joy sublime with rickety rhyme... Continue Reading →

The Elephant Parade

With over 80% of the Asian Elephant population diminished, its time to take to the Elephant cause; mostly because this mighty intelligent and adorable animal needs some support! The Elephant Parade is an initiative by several countries that include The Netherlands, Italy, Great Britain and Singapore. In a bid to put the Asian elephant into... Continue Reading →

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