¬†Poetry by Tomas Transtromer Under Pressure The blue sky's engine-drone is deafening. We're living here on a shuddering work-site where the ocean depths can suddenly open up - shells and telephones hiss. You can see beauty only from the side, hastily, The dense grain on the field, many colours in a yellow stream. The... Continue Reading →

Mr Foster

A brilliant and innovative architect. To hear him speak. How much does your building weigh Mr Foster?   And my favorite of his work:

A Ministry of Architecture

Shelter and not development is a necessity. Architecture is but shelter, in its truest sense of the word. And building with thought is architecture. Why not then a ministry that modulates architecture? From public housing, to materials of construction, to the dimensions of spaces, to the quality and aesthetics of these spaces. Apparently am not... Continue Reading →

Subjects of Wonder: Chapter 4

And finally, what tears your heart apart in Cambodia, the poverty. I wouldnt be giving out a decent account of Cambodia if I miss the most apparent of them all. The fact was not more evident than while visiting the floating village on the Great Lake in Cambodia. With the recent striking of floods in... Continue Reading →

Subjects of Wonder: Chapter 3

Now to the mind over the matter, presenting to you, the greatest Vishnu Temple of all time, the Angkor Wat! Really I wonder if it should be called a temple or a city, because a temple is definitely an understatement.¬† Spread over an area of 400 sq km it is indeed vast. We began with... Continue Reading →

Subjects of Wonder: Chapter 2

Buses run frequently, from Phnom Penh to Siam Reap every half hour or so. The pamphlet promised us a "European style coach"! Whatever that meant! As we packed to start the 4 hour bus ride, I realised that the phone was forgotten at the lovely dinner place the previous night! Good Lord know? Frantically I... Continue Reading →

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