Subjects of Wonder: Chapter 1

A kingdom so far away as if we never found it and people so very nice as if we never discovered them. Ravaged by wars, bombings and a very tyrannical government its very ironical that Cambodia's dominant religion is Buddhism. First the world wars, then the civil wars and later the Khmer Rouge. Its a... Continue Reading →

100 Happy things

In NO particular order 1. Starbucks Hot Chocolate 2. A Damn good book in my hand 3. Coldplay 4. The Beach 5. Snow capped Peaks 6. Lakes 7. Treks 8. Jungle Trails 9. Running Track 10. Cheerleading 11. Dancing 12. Comments on my Blog 13. Friends 14. Handwritten Letters 15. Diamonds 16. Countryside walks 17.... Continue Reading →

Our fragile Eco-system

The temperatures are rising, the sea-levels are rising, carbon-emissions are rising. The world's doom story has been often a source of over a zillion research papers that have looked into practically every single way of saving the planet from doomsday! But then again how pressing have these issues been for a serious look? Not very,... Continue Reading →

Its that time of the year.

So, as an Indian and a Hindu, Diwali is very much the,  "that time of the year"! The time when spring cleaning comes into full force, old things are thrown out and brand new things filling up the home and the wardrobe. It does more than a little help that Singapore celebrates Diwali with quite... Continue Reading →

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