Vrrooom Vroomm VVrrroomm puttt putt puth

Now if youre wondering whether am suddenly going ballistic then well, let me tell you that’s how a F1 car’s engine sounds real close-up!

Now add to that a million tonnes of carbon soot and smoky expulsions. Thats what the F1 tarmac smells up close!!


Apart from the two above stated phenomena the rest of it, is nothing short of spectacular. Frankly it was my first F1 race, on and off the television. The only thing I knew about the sport was Micheal Schumacher, well that had more to do with General Knowledge and Omega, lovely watches I say. So when we got the tix to go watch the race I had a short span to acquaint myself with this ultra-grand and extremely polluting sport!!

The Singapore Grand Prix happens on the Marina Bay Street Circuit. The lap crosses over a 100-odd year old bridge, shirks through a couple of ancient monuments, and blasts across the marina, the flyer and a couple of more stellar buildings in the heartland. Zooming and emanating some excruciating decibel level it is not very surprising why birds are never seen in the Marina Bay! With ear-plugs though its quite a breeze. The Bay Grandstand offers the view of the Marina Bay Sands, the CBD and the brightly lit skyline of Singapore. With two bends through the Bay Grandstand, we saw the cars, slow down and show themselves better. The Bay Grandstand has a stage and performances from time to time. Vettel proved to be a champion with more than an 8-second lead right from the start! That guy really grows out wings on red-bull. 😉

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Since the race-winner seemed pre-determined the exciting parts were Hamilton’s incident, Schumacher’s crash and Linkin Park. Oh my! Arent they absolutely fabulous! Shakira gave some belly-dancing lessons and her Hips dont lie, sounded awesome live! Linkin Park’s visuals and the music were so ultimately rockstar.

With crazy good organisational skill, the event was very convenient providing good food, good times, and good feelings! There is certainly that adrenaline rush when the famed F1 car zooms past you, my heart was certainly beating faster. Food’s super expensive in the zones, and youre really doing your bit of charity for the year by purchasing water ;).

The sport-bug has caught on and looking forward to the next race in Korea!

Btw the Abu Dhabi F1 centre, has a roller-coster that mimics the speed of the F1 car. That makes it one more thing on the list!! The other being Masdar ofcourse 🙂

P.S. Do not wear a bright red-ferrari t- shirt when the stand is full of navy blue Red-Bullers. Bullying may be a considerable risk!


One thought on “Vrrooom Vroomm VVrrroomm puttt putt puth

  1. Yes i like your last line….Ferrari is unfortunate to have lost brawn. Adding to it Schumi too. Red bull’s Vettel is new champ…so is the start of red bull’s reign.


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