Parraarampam!!!! Its London Town!

Of the Queen and Crown is London Town. As an English Literature buff its real easy and smooth to get along with London, its just as described by Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle and countless others who have based their writing on this charming, warm and storybook city. London does not have a … Continue reading Parraarampam!!!! Its London Town!


If there is one thing thats impeccably French, its grooming, if there's a second thing, its style and if there's a third, its attitude! The three things apply to every thing in the French capital, Paris, everything, including the trees, the pavers and the weather! The trees are groomed! Without so much as a hair … Continue reading THE F R E N C H CONNECTION

Swiss-Bliss (Part 4.4): Lucerne Diaries

Swiss are but a little bit French and a little bit German. The two collide, corride and compromise in just the right amounts, in a background so beautiful, in a way so effortless whilst adding a generous touch of themselves in a measure so delightful. So lucid is their being in the city called Lucerne. … Continue reading Swiss-Bliss (Part 4.4): Lucerne Diaries