Swiss-Bliss (Part 2.2): Interlaken Diaries

In continum of the Swiss-Bliss series brings me to write about the crisp and picturesque city of Interlaken, a very well-known municipality of the tourist-loved Berne Oberland. One look at the town and you know why every tourist’s heart melts here. Its so very wonderland like. The open parks, the central fields, not lonely, not… Read More Swiss-Bliss (Part 2.2): Interlaken Diaries

Eat. Etc.

You are what you eat, yelled my Grandfather into the handheld. His frustration was palpable when I told him of my dinner that day. Mc Shake, Fries and Bread-Butter I had said. He wasnt one bit amused. Yesterday my Father told me of Djokivic’s diet that assisted him on his mission for gold. This after… Read More Eat. Etc.