Swiss-Bliss (Part 2.2): Interlaken Diaries

In continum of the Swiss-Bliss series brings me to write about the crisp and picturesque city of Interlaken, a very well-known municipality of the tourist-loved Berne Oberland. One look at the town and you know why every tourist's heart melts here. Its so very wonderland like. The open parks, the central fields, not lonely, not … Continue reading Swiss-Bliss (Part 2.2): Interlaken Diaries

Swiss-Bliss (Part 1.1): Engelberg Diaries

"If you dont mind, it doesnt matter," goes a wise saying. Apart from the deep truth it holds, its a key to a life of less worry, no stress and great satisfaction. The line could very well be a jest for life in Switzerland. The Alps are the prettiest mountain ranges ever and the terrain … Continue reading Swiss-Bliss (Part 1.1): Engelberg Diaries

La-Dolce-Vita (part IV) – Of Ruins and Roma

The most wondrous and the greatest Italian city  is by far Rome. It was certainly not built in a day, not commissioned by one emperor and certainly not envisioned by one architect. All roads lead to Rome the say, it's hard to imagine why not. Our road led to Rome as I sat transfixed taking in the architecture piece … Continue reading La-Dolce-Vita (part IV) – Of Ruins and Roma

La-Dolce-Vita (part III) – Of Torre and Carrara

The Gleaming Leaning Tower of Pisa enrobed in white Carrara marble stands inclined on the town that is about a 100 kms from Florence. The drive through the Italian state of Tuscany is just as described by Frances Mayes in her book Under the Tuscan Sun. The town is just short of being sleepy! With … Continue reading La-Dolce-Vita (part III) – Of Torre and Carrara

La-Dolce-Vita (part II) – Of Michelangelo and Renaissance

Vegetable Florentine was my favorite dish as a young girl. I feel nostalgic now to reminisence of the restaurant Palace Heights where it was once made of an impeccable standard. What I didnt quite know then was how it was made or where it came from. Many years later I discovered the cheesy creamy spinach … Continue reading La-Dolce-Vita (part II) – Of Michelangelo and Renaissance

La-Dolce-Vita (part I) – Of Rios and Canalis

The now famous phrase in Italian literally translates to "the good life". And thats what life in Italy indeed is! With the midsummer heat burning our backs we began the journey into the land where every square inch seems to be planned, drawn and built with complete deliberation. Nature hath no fury here or if … Continue reading La-Dolce-Vita (part I) – Of Rios and Canalis

Eat. Etc.

You are what you eat, yelled my Grandfather into the handheld. His frustration was palpable when I told him of my dinner that day. Mc Shake, Fries and Bread-Butter I had said. He wasnt one bit amused. Yesterday my Father told me of Djokivic's diet that assisted him on his mission for gold. This after … Continue reading Eat. Etc.