Of Vases

Falaise Vase by Ferréol Babin The melting vase on rocky bases allures. The Glass-blowing skills in full use, amuse. The fresh design debuts at the 6th edition of Design Parade. Write-in if interested!

Staying Happy and Going Lucky!

There is something about happy people that always brings a smile on our faces. The smile is of joy if you are a favorable person or of contempt if cynicism runs in your veins. But by far its really a boon for one to stay happy-go lucky. So in the rat race of the world … Continue reading Staying Happy and Going Lucky!

The Fairy-tale

Recently watching Kung-fu Panda got me thinking of animation movies. One of the greatest results of animation is the popularisation of the fairy-tale. Its the 88th year anniversary this year of the Walt Disney Company  that churns out animated movies, books, merchandise year after year. All the fairy-tales of the Disney company find their origin … Continue reading The Fairy-tale